Whether or not you were an avid reader in school, classic literature shapes your day-to-day speech and understanding of the world. Literary allusions are an important hallmark of collective culture. This article traces the pervasive use of book references currently in the media. Can you name the sources?

Math teachers create classroom strategies that ensure students understand the mathematical concepts appropriate for their grade; they develop lesson plans, prepare the class for exams, and assign homework.

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Big data is responsible for many things these days -- or at least, it's an important tool to help us sift through data that can predict outcomes, such as presidential elections and stock market results. Now, big data is conquering the latest frontier: the college recruitment process.

A growing body of research indicates that a healthy level of parental involvement may be an indicator of children's academic success and achievement. Furthermore, it's been shown that schools have the power to spur parental interest and encourage them to take an active role in their child's educational attainment.

Automatic funding cuts to a whole host of government programs, also known as sequestration, has been the source of struggle and concern among school districts across the country. And unfortunately, many of the consequences are being felt the most by school districts and students who were already struggling.

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With so many distractions facing students today, few educators have considered implementing social media into their lesson plans. After all, Twitter will do little to help students with their algebra, and a chemistry project probably can't be completed through Facebook.