2008 - Year of the "Online School"

For those unfamiliar with it, Google trends is a fun and informative tool. It's Google's interface to seeing how popular search terms are on their engine. It even lets you compare various search terms against each other.

In the image below, I took a look at the keywords "private school" vs. "home school" vs. "online school". While these keywords represent very different domains it is still of interest to see how they are trending versus each other.

From the image we can see it's pretty obvious that online schools are gaining in terms of the general public's interest. 2008 is really taking off, maybe we've hit a point of saturation where everybody now knows somebody who has an online degree and that stigma is gone?

Do you know anybody with an online degree? Has your opinion of online schools changed in the last 4 years? Have you ever done one of these searches below??

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