A blended learning course combines online components with in-class or offline components so that students are supported in both platforms. The research about blended learning and its effects on students shows a range of opinions.

Professor Kevin Finson of Bradley University discusses the under representation of minorities and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

While the theme from Silicon Valley tech giants that a STEM gap has gripped the nation has been revealed (washingtonpost.com, 2013) for what it is (businessinsider.com, 2013), their ploy for an increase in H-1B visas (brookings.edu, 2013) undermines the real and present lack of STEM-trained U.S. workers. Sadly, this is nothing new.

Explore 10 graduate degree programs in education that may have you itching to make a difference in the field of teaching and instruction.

In 2012, Washington State became the 42nd state to allow charter schools, and by a narrow margin. If charter schools are meant to provide high quality education, why is there such a debate around them, and why don't all states allow these types of schools? Find out what you should know about charter schools.

As technology has improved and become more affordable, schools have incorporated video equipment, computers and other electronics into classrooms in order to make learning more engaging. More recently, educators and researchers alike have looked into the effectiveness of mobile technology in schools. Mobile devices are projected to outnumber humans by the end of 2013, according to the Guardian, and many wonder about the benefits of leveraging tablets and smartphones in classroom lessons.

Experts believe that problems with standardized testing are symptoms of a greater problem, a broken American educational system. A look at some of the pros and cons of standardized testing.

Passionate and properly-trained educators are one of the most crucial elements of successful environmental programs. See how environmental education is becoming a significant aspect of K-12 science curriculum.

Students in the U.S. lack a basic STEM education and, despite high unemployment, jobs in the STEM fields remain open. Learn how and why an investment towards a greater STEM curriculum in the U.S. is critical to remaining internationally competitive.

Integrating technology into class curriculum can be difficult, especially when it comes to video games. For those teachers still unsure about where to start, here's further justification about how and why gamification has become an efficient strategy in modern learning with ideas for you to start your transition.