Teaching the next generation

This week, a leader at Amherst College provided a number of statistics about today's students which should be interesting to any teachers interested in technology's impact on education. Some highlights:

  • Only 5 of 1680 students have land lines;
  • 93 of 438 new students brought iPhones and iPod Touches;
  • 180,000 emails received each day;
  • 564 requests from students for electronic resources for their classes.

If this is the Class of 2012, what will the Class of 2017 be like? Class of 2022?

Teachers today need to be educated in the newest technology. Becoming a teacher isn't just about the three R's any longer - it's about learning how technology works and what role it should play in classes.

How have you integrated technology in your classes? How can we all learn from each other?

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