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Class 2's Learning Journey

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RECENT POSTS from Class 2's Learning Journey

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A Bit of a Move for Class 2! misspennington 02/17/2010
Our Animal Adaptations! misspennington 06/18/2009
Plant and Animal Adaptation! misspennington 06/17/2009
Our 2nd Thinking walk! misspennington 06/17/2009
Our first Darwin thinking walk! misspennington 06/15/2009
Curriculum Week! misspennington 06/14/2009
Welcome back from a lovely half term holiday! misspennington 05/31/2009
Poetry Week! misspennington 05/31/2009
A great maths link for this week! misspennington 05/31/2009
Bikes and Scooters! misspennington 05/10/2009