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Alternative Word Wall - Vocab Word Cloud! Megan E. S. 04/09/2013
No More Incomplete Choice Draws! Megan E. S. 10/09/2012
Draw a Picture of a Person. Beginning of the Year Project Megan E. S. 09/07/2012
Signage in my room Megan E. S. 08/14/2012
Art camps for grown ups? Yes! Megan E. S. 08/13/2012
Paper Curling Relief Shapes Megan E. S. 07/19/2012
Doodle Box!! Megan E. S. 07/16/2012
Peter Max Patriotic Paitings Megan E. S. 03/11/2012
Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Color Wheels Megan E. S. 09/25/2011
First Week Reflections... Megan E. S. 08/27/2011