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Abstract Animals, ATC inspired by Prof. Monica Terraroli Mrs. Hahn 03/23/2017
You Don't Have to be an Adult to be an Artist Mrs. Hahn 03/21/2017
Realistic Animals, ATC inspired by ArteaScuola.com Mrs. Hahn 03/16/2017
Spring Flowers on Black Mrs. Hahn 03/11/2017
mARTch Madness, Round 2 Mrs. Hahn 03/10/2017
The #ArtistByState Project Mrs. Hahn 03/08/2017
#ArtistByState, Charles Schulz Mrs. Hahn 03/07/2017
Seesaw to Communicate, Advocate, and Celebrate Mrs. Hahn 03/06/2017
#CareersInArt, Fashion Design Mrs. Hahn 03/05/2017
Create Your Own Texture Rubbings Mrs. Hahn 03/04/2017