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Fayston Elementary Art

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Kindergarten Polar Bears with Northern Lights Nora McDonough 01/10/2018
Murals Inspired by Wassily Kandinksy Nora McDonough 12/18/2017
Self Portraits inspired by Wonder by RJ Palacio Nora McDonough 12/01/2017
Just a few Kindergarten Owls.... Nora McDonough 12/01/2017
Onomatopoiea Words inspired by Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein Nora 11/13/2017
Wayne Thiebault's Gumball Machine Nora McDonough 11/13/2017
Kandinsky's Circles and Shapes Nora McDonough 11/06/2017
Inspired by Arcimboldo's vegetable Portraits Nora McDonough 11/01/2017
Chicken Collages Nora 10/19/2017
Diwali! The Festival of Lights! Nora McDonough 10/11/2017