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Mayor de Blasio, “We need the school system to look entirely different in the coming years,” Is the Mayor contemplating changes? And, if so, what changes? mets2006 11/17/2017
Are New York Schools “Inherently Unequal?” Will Diversity (aka, School Integration) Improve Outcomes for All Students? or, Are “Test and Punish,” Funding Inequities, the Absence of a Rich Curriculum and Teacher and School L mets2006 11/10/2017
The “Dirty Little Secret,” Millions of Tax Deductible Dollars Supporting Charter Schools … mets2006 11/03/2017
Gates, Again: The Gates Foundation Commits $1.7 Billion to the Creation of “Networks of Schools,” Creating a “Bottom Up” Model, or, Swimming Against the Tide? mets2006 11/01/2017
Why Have New York City Homicides (1990: 2262) Declined So Precipitously (2016: 335)? Can Small Schools Connecting with Students Be at the Core? mets2006 10/27/2017
Should New York State End Regents Exams? Can Authentic Assessments Replace the Regents? Or, Will We Diminish the Value of a Diploma? mets2006 10/22/2017
Abolish the ATR System, It Was Bad Policy in 2005 and Poor Policy Now. Teachers Belong in Classrooms. mets2006 10/19/2017
“Instant Teachers,” The SUNY Charter Institute Skips the Teacher Preparation Route: Politics, Muscle Flexing or Zombie Ideas That Will Not Die? mets2006 10/13/2017
And the Next New York City School Chancellor Will Be ……… mets2006 10/08/2017
Metal Detectors, Murder, Effective Instruction and School Leadership mets2006 10/02/2017