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The Rise of EduTech in K-12 Classrooms

Technology use is ubiquitous in K-12 classrooms across the U.S.  The Pew Research Center (2013) surveyed teachers of Advanced Placement (AP) and National Writing Project (NWP) classes about their use of education technology, or “EduTech”, including cell phones, e-readers, tablets, and smartboards (commonly written as “SMART boards”).  They found that these new media not only influence teachers’ teaching methods, but students’ learning processes as well. Some teachers feel that a digital lifestyle has given today's students a shorter attention span, and as a result, many educators have striven to make their style of teaching more engaging.

Technology affects  the lesson planning and professional development of teachers. Respondents to the Pew survey were described as tech-savvy overall, but they still had to put in extra work to master technological tools.

Refer to the infographic below to take a tour of the classrooms of Ms. Digital and Mr. Tech, and explore how EduTech is used in education, how successful it is, and how it affects students and educators.


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The Rise of EduTech in K-12 Classrooms
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