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Will your baby be super-smart?

You might watch them drool on themselves and play with their Cheerios and wonder what in the world is going on inside the brain of a baby. But in fact, there is probably a lot more going on in there than you might initially think. The first few years of life are critical developmental years for children as the baby’s brain doubles in size in the first year of its life and studies have shown babies are capable of picking up on basic physics and even basic human emotions.

But don’t make the mistake that, as parents, you can’t do anything to foster your baby’s intellectual development. While obviously some babies get their smarts from their parents, the parents can help foster that growth by staying aware of the baby’s environment, how much time it spends in front of a video screen, and how often you are interacting and stimulating him/her. Want to know if your baby is going to be a genius? Trying to figure out how to avoid hurting the baby’s brain development? Learn more about baby intelligence.


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Smart Baby
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